avril 3, 2024

Microsoft and OpenAI Billion $ Deal: Pioneering AI Investment and Innovation

Delve into the details of the Microsoft and OpenAI billion $ deal, a landmark agreement that earmarks $100 billion towards reshaping the landscape of AI innovation. This comprehensive analysis offers tech company CMOs and CEOs strategic insights into leveraging AI advancements for future success."
mars 24, 2024

Account-Based Marketing in 2023: Beyond the Hype of B2B’s Oldest ‘New’ Strategy

Explore why Account-Based Marketing (ABM), a foundational B2B strategy, is still labeled as a trend in 2023. Uncover insights on evolving beyond ABM basics to innovate B2B marketing with technology, personalization, and data-driven decisions."
mars 17, 2024

Maximize Your B2B Software Marketing with a Unified Strategy

Unlock the full potential of your B2B software marketing with insights on transitioning from startup to scale-up, aligning strategy with execution, and the significance of integrated marketing and consistent messaging. Explore key strategies for accelerating growth.
AI and Creativity in B2B Marketing: Embarking on a New Era
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