There is no such thing as a good marketing strategy without understanding and correct alignment with the company’s objectives.

The three objectives of a marketing department: Brand AwarenessLead GenerationMarketing productivity.

Accelerate your growth: whether you’re a start-up aiming for recognition, a determined challenger or a company in the process of redefining itself, your marketing approach must be the pillar of your success. Focus on dynamic communication, engaging content and influential press and analyst relations to build an unshakeable reputation.

Maximize your revenues: When revenue growth is your horizon, adopt a robust strategy, combining offline and online tactics, to cultivate a steady stream of quality sales opportunities. Use scoring and nurturing technologies to fine-tune each prospect in France or internationally.

Measure success: Your strategy, supported by precise performance indicators for each topic, channel and audience, should reflect your ambition. Don’t just aim to achieve your marketing objectives; aspire to exceed them.

Start from the beginning!

A good marketing strategy requires a clear, differentiating positioning of the company and its offering. It’s a task that’s not always fully appreciated, but it’s essential and critical.

The Point Of View (P.O.V.) is a crucial element of your strategic communication. In a few incisive words, it must crystallize the essence of what you do, clearly highlight what sets you apart from your competitors, and articulate the unique value you bring to your customers.

It’s not just a slogan; it’s a statement of your identity and promise to the marketplace. An effective P.O.V. instantly positions you in the minds of your audience, creating an immediate connection and understanding of your value. It serves as the foundation for all your communications and marketing strategies, ensuring that every message reinforces your unique vision and market positioning.

Relentless Communication Strategies for an Unmissable Brand

For hard-hitting communication, aggressive outreach is non-negotiable. Your brand doesn’t just participate in the conversation, it dominates it. By building strong relationships with press and analysts, we position your message where it makes the most impact. With campaigns that are no-holds-barred, targeted and relentless, your brand isn’t just seen or heard; it’s inescapable. Capitalize on a network of influencers and uncompromising sector expertise to leave an indelible mark on your market.

“Markets are conversations! Talk is cheap, silence is fatal” 
The Cluetrain Manisfesto – Christopher Locke.

Campaigns and Content Marketing – Be the innovator, make the difference!

Integrate all channels to engage in an authentic conversation with your customer at every touchpoint. Whether your interaction starts on an inbound or outbound channel, maintain it across multiple platforms, tailoring content to the specific stages of your prospects’ buying cycle.

Aim for perfection with campaigns that embrace all channels. Your ability to blend Content Marketing and Conversation Marketing can transform your brand into a thought leader. Whether it’s strategically managing your social networks, hosting a YouTube channel, or creating engaging content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you have the power to stand out and generate more opportunities.

Devenez votre propre média. Créez un Think Tank ou lancez votre web TV pour partager votre vision unique. Avec des campagnes marketing innovantes et disruptives, vous pouvez captiver et retenir l’attention de votre audience, tout en optimisant votre SEO. Choisissez une approche qui vous distingue, pour un impact maximal et une croissance durable.Become your own media. Create a Think Tank or launch your own web TV to share your unique vision. With innovative and disruptive marketing campaigns, you can capture and hold your audience’s attention, while optimizing your SEO. Choose an approach that sets you apart, for maximum impact and sustainable growth.

Marketing Productivity Optimization: Maximize your Efficiency

Marketing effectiveness is more than just executing strategies; it’s a pillar of business performance. For years, marketing teams have strived to recruit talent, define clear strategies and implement rigorous processes to monitor campaign and team performance. Among a marketing manager’s priorities, team effectiveness ranks right up there with Awareness and Sales Opportunity Generation.

Today, there are solutions that integrate all marketing disciplines, enabling the execution of integrated campaigns across multiple channels and the centralization of performance data. The use of Marketing Automation tools has proven its effectiveness, facilitating reporting and performance analysis.

The integration of these tools into CRM platforms represents the final step, offering a complete view of the lead’s journey through to a closed deal. This not only optimizes efforts, but also measures the direct impact on the company’s growth and success.

Not forgetting the use of predictive analysis in the marketing process and Generative AI (GenAI) to improve the efficiency of marketing teams. Generative AI can help to reduce time and costs, whether it’s for creating texts, improving SEO, creating images or translating documents, the uses are numerous and the ROI fast.

Accelerating Awareness: The Power of Press and Analyst Relations.

Press and analyst relations are powerful catalysts for rapidly increasing market awareness. By engaging key, respected players, you benefit from independent, credible content that prospects consult at crucial moments in their buying cycle. This content, perceived as neutral and reliable, strongly influences buyers’ perceptions and decisions. A well-orchestrated strategy in these areas ensures that your message not only reaches, but resonates deeply with your target audience, accelerating your recognition in the marketplace and reinforcing trust in your brand.

We have experience of the online, paper, radio and TV press, as well as with all the analysts and influencers in the new technology market.

We are IIAR (Institute of Influencer and Analyst Relations) certified.

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