Unicorn means Corporate Failure

Unicorn means Corporate Failure A Unicorn is a startup with a market capitalization reaching one billion dollars. The market is looking at them as the new grail as there is a promise for big value. The Unicorn are developing innovative solutions for all kind of businesses looking [...]

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What is the Innovation Formula ?

An Innovation Formula, does it exist ? Another great takeaway from our visit at The Vault with Bill O’Connor during this Retail Learning Expedition organized by RealChange for Google Cloud France. We all know E=MC2 formula from Albert Einstein, but is there any magic formula for innovation? All [...]

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Innovation: Silicon Valley versus East Coast, and the winner is….

Innovation: Silicon Valley versus East Coast, and the winner is.... We meet last week during the RealChange Google Retail Learning Expedition Bill O’Connor from TheVault. A very inspiring and energetic guy ! Bill explained us why most Innovations are coming from the Valley and not from Boston [...]

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