Unicorn means Corporate Failure

Unicorn means Corporate Failure A Unicorn is a startup with a market capitalization reaching one billion dollars. The market is looking at them as the new grail as there is a promise for big value. The Unicorn are developing innovative solutions for all kind of businesses looking [...]

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Best Global Brands 2018 Rankings

Best Global Brands 2018 Rankings Interbrand released their 2018 Best Global Brand Ranking, without big surprise the Tech companies are still trusting the podium. Apple is still first with a +16% on their brand value, followed by Google and Amazon, Microsoft is 4th. Facebook is 9th with [...]

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Cultures d’entreprise différentes

Fusion/Acquisition - La principale raison des échecs Un article intéressant du Harvard Business Review sur les échecs des fusions. Quand les cultures sont trop différentes l'échec est assuré...J'ai vécu 3 fusions/Acquisitions et je suis globalement d'accord sur ce constat. Ca n'a pas toujours été très efficace et [...]

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4 Steps To A Successful Business Transformation

4 Steps To A Successful Business Transformation It’s transform or wither in today’s business environment, with multiple transformation triggers creating strong pressure simultaneously.  This state of affairs results from two factors, explains Robert T. Vanderwerf, Transformation Strategy Leader, KPMG LLP. “We are living in interesting times, with multiple transformation [...]

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